Yellow roses: varieties and combinations with other plants

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Roses - a wonderful decoration of the garden and rose garden. Views with red-yellow, as well as yellow-blue and yellow-orange flowers invariably attract attention. And in recent years, bush roses with yellow-burgundy and yellow-pink flowers, which perfectly set off green leaves and fit perfectly into almost any type of modern landscape design, are becoming more and more popular.

Name and description of the best varieties

Currently, domestic and foreign breeders have bred just countless varieties of roses of different types, which are characterized by the formation of yellow flowers of different sizes, shapes and shades. However, most domestic flower growers prefer stable and unpretentious, abundantly flowering yellow-flowered varieties and hybrids.

View namesVariety / hybridPlantFlowers
Weaving or weavingGolden showers plaitStrong and rather small-thorned, with straight shootsLight golden yellow color with a very pleasant delicate aroma
Hybrid Tea"Yellow Island"Bushes are straight-growing, relatively powerful, with good winter hardinessGolden yellow, terry, goblet, with a delicate pleasant aroma
Wicker"Lemon Golden Glove"Tall, with glossy, dark green leavesGolden yellow, large, semi-double, with a pronounced aroma of tea rose
FloribundaAmber QuinnCompact, with green, large, semi-gloss leavesSaturated apricot yellow or amber color with a musky aroma, gathered in loose brushes
Hybrid TeaKerioTall, slender, with medium pricklyness and dark green, shiny foliageBurning bright yellow with orange petal edges and a faint aroma
Hybrid TeaTexas Yellow RoseMedium growth strength, strong and powerful, unpretentious in careLarge, terry type, yellow staining, fairly dense
Rose AustinGolden SelectionLarge, well-developed, powerful, rounded, floweringWarm honey coloring, with a pleasant aroma, cup-shaped
Spray"Mandarin"Densely branched and plentifully flowering, multi-flowered, compactSmall, cupped, orange-yellow, collected in inflorescences
Room"Yellow Bantam"Loose, spreading, with dark green, oval, leathery and glossy foliageSmall flowered variety with yellow flowers and a faint aroma
Miniature"Gold Symphonie"Compact, with semi-glossy and medium green foliage.Golden yellow, terry, with a slightly pronounced aroma.
Ground cover"Yellow Fairy"Open type, beautiful shape, with relatively small leaves of dark green colorBright yellow staining with a golden or amber hue, densely terry type, collected in lush brushes
Wicker"Golden Showers"With thick and powerful shoots, bright green glossy foliageGolden yellow or lemon color, semi-double, with attractive wavy petals
Cutting"Limbo"Almost completely spiked, with large, glossy foliageGently yellow staining with a green tint, cup-shaped, with a slight aroma
Hybrid"Golden Buddh"Compact, well-branched, dense, with dark green, glossy leavesThickly terry, orange-yellow color, with a pronounced fruity aroma
Floribunda"Oranges and Lemons"Sickly, vigorous, with long and arched drooping shootsBright lemon color with bright orange touches, beautiful shapes, collected in inflorescences
Hybrid Tea"Marvelle"Tall, powerful, erect, with fairly large spikes and dark lush foliageDark yellow, with red and orange stripes, large, terry

Meaning and Symbolism

To date, roses are the most sought after and most bought flowers in the world. This flower in ancient Greece was dedicated to the goddess of beauty and love, Aphrodite, and is still considered a symbol of warmth, tenderness and love. Depending on the color of the flowers, the value of this plant may be different. According to some people, yellow roses mean separation and are a symbol of disappointment or betrayal.

Nevertheless, according to mythology, a yellow rose symbolizes wealth, so a bouquet of these flowers is the best gift for a celebration. In many countries, yellow flowers indicate joy and fun, which means that giving bouquets of yellow roses is relevant both for a birthday and for other significant dates. In recent years, yellow roses have been increasingly used in wedding bouquets, which mean enthusiasm, youth and the wish of happiness to young people. Such flowers are usually given to close friends, and among other things, they symbolize pride.

Psychologists say that yellow is the color of optimism and harmony, capable of exerting a positive, very favorable effect on the mental state.

Landscape design

To make the landscape look like from a picture, it is recommended to supplement decorative annuals and flowering perennials with rose bushes. Small and terry yellow flowers of any groundcover roses can create unprecedented beauty borders, and they also very successfully emphasize the curious bends of garden paths. The use of various supporting structures allows the use of yellow-flowered climbing roses in the vertical gardening of any part of the personal landscape.

Of particular popularity among domestic and foreign flower growers has recently been enjoying the most tiny varieties - the hummocky yellow rose of the variety "Yellow Bantam" or "Yellow Bantam", the description of the variety of which involves the formation of a loose, but sprawling bush with a height of no more than 15-30 cm with dark green, oval, leathery and glossy foliage.

Combination with other plants

To create the most harmonious and aesthetic decorative groups, you should adhere to the following recommendations:

  • when planting on traditional flower beds and flower beds, rose bushes should be compacted with perennials or annual herbs, which will allow covering the soil;
  • with yellow roses, you can create compositions in muted colors with similar shades, but the groups in bright, contrasting color schemes look very successful;
  • roses with delicate whitish-yellow flowers look spectacular with cream varieties and hybrids;
  • bright yellow roses are able to successfully harmonize with plants in green and yellow-green tones;
  • Especially popular in recent years are combinations of yellow roses with blue and blue; flowers, as well as in modern compositions created in warm colors.

Yellow roses Perpeshuali Yorz: characteristic

A wonderful retinue of yellow rose can be represented by delphinium, lupine, phlox, aconite or decorative cereals. All shades of blue and silver will fully complement the roses, abundantly blooming yellow flowers. Especially wonderful such roses will look in combination with decorative bows or bluish-steel flowers of an ordinary muzzle.


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