Roses Charles Austin and Pat Austin: characterization of varieties and use cases in landscape design

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English roses are a relatively new type of decorative culture, as the first "Englishwoman" recently celebrated its half-century anniversary. The author and ideological inspirer of this unusually decorative series of roses is David Austin, a farmer from England, and his varieties "Charles Austin" and "Pat Austin" are quite deservedly ranked as the most famous and popular among amateur gardeners.

Characteristic roses Charles Austin

The variety of English roses "Charles Austin" received its fame and positive feedback from flower growers in many countries four decades ago. Some time ago, this variety was very popular in home gardening thanks to large and very spectacular flowers that are in demand in a floral arrangement. The flowers are cup-shaped, and at the stage of full bloom, they acquire various shades of apricot staining. Burnout-prone flowers are characterized by the presence of a sufficiently strong, fresh, fruity aroma.

Features of English roses

The bushes are erect and are distinguished by sufficient foliage. The average height of the plant is one and a half meters with a width of 1.2 m. The leaves are large, attractive appearance. The variety has very good resistance and is perfectly adapted to growing even in not very favorable areas. In order to get repeated flowering, stimulating measures should be carried out, which include pruning and top dressing immediately after the first flowering.

The resistance of flowers to rain is medium and with prolonged precipitation, damage to individual flowers may be observed. The average diameter of the opened flower can vary between 8-10 cm. The plant is quite powerful and, subject to growing technology, rarely needs strong prevention. However, in too wet weather, rose bushes can be damaged quite a lot by black spotting.

Rose "Pat Austin"

The world famous English rose variety called "Pat Austin" was developed more than twenty years ago and is a real breakthrough in Austin's English Rose color gamut. When developing the Pat Austin variety, the Graham Thomas and Abraham Darby varieties were used as the parent pair. This variety, popular in our country and abroad, got its name in honor of the author’s wife, David Austin.

Description of the variety assumes the presence of bright copper staining on the inner side of the petals. The outer side of the petals is pale, coppery yellow, slightly resembling the Australian Copper variety. Bright orange coloring, complemented by a yellow reverse of the petals bending inward, makes the flowers amazingly beautiful. At the stage of flowering, the flowers acquire a characteristic, fairly saturated pink hue. The stamens in the central part of the flower are practically invisible.

The flowers are very fragrant, semi-double type, large, deep cup-shaped, which allows you to fully appreciate the contrast and makes the variety very attractive and highly decorative. On average, the diameter of the flower is about 10-12 cm. The shape of the aerial parts of this flowering plant resembles the well-known amateur gardeners Golden Celebraton and Abraham Darby. The average height of the bush is about a meter with a width of 1.2 m. The plant belongs to the category of re-flowering and blooms quite early.

David Austin's Roses: Flaws

Growing and applying in landscape design

An English rose variety "Charles Austin" in a semi-dissolved state very much resembles tea hybrid varieties, and the petals have a very rigid structure, due to which they open quite slowly and are also able to easily tolerate any bad weather. When landing, you can use both areas with good lighting and some shadingbut without high occurrence of groundwater. To obtain repeated flowering, it is very important to observe agricultural technology and pay special attention to high-quality, nutritious feeding at all stages of development, as well as pruning.

If necessary, the soil at the stage of pre-planting preparation must be added baking powder and to improve the quality of the soil. It is also recommended to provide planted rose seedlings with a high-quality drainage layer. A good result is the spring mulching of the soil in near-stem circles with organic matter, which can be used as rotted sawdust or straw. Trimming should be carried out both formative and sanitary, reducing the risk of damage to the aerial part of rose bushes by pathogenic microflora.

Almost all varieties of roses, the originator of which is David Austin, are very widely used in garden design. Using the varieties “Charles Austin” and “Pat Austin”, relatively tall decorative arrays can be created in a fairly short time in almost any landscape. These plants have proven themselves in creating solid, lively, highly decorative hedges, but can also serve as an ideal complement for flower beds or mixborders.

Reviews of amateur gardeners

According to experienced gardeners, the defect of the variety "Pat Austin" is represented by the weakness of shoots, therefore, the branches often bend quite strongly. Among other things, the varietal feature of "Pat Austin" is the susceptibility of the aerial parts of the ornamental plant to black spotting.

The resistance of flowers to rain is very weak, and with heavy rainfall, the buds formed often do not open. The bush, indeed, is somewhat loose, which must be taken into account when choosing a landing site. However, the variety is actually very highly decorative: the brushes consist of three to seven flowers, which stand out very effectively against the background of dark green foliage.

An early variety of English rose, Charles Austin, is recommended to be trimmed at least half the height, which will prevent the decorative culture from stretching. This one of the earliest and most popular varieties from breeder David Austin forms very attractive flowers, collected in small brushes, and located on fairly high shoots.

Best David Austin Rose Varieties

However, varietal flaws, many flower growers include the often observed absence of repeated flowering. The central part of the flowers, which have a pale orange stain, may be present. The base of the petals has a brighter color and cream bordering. The variety "Charles Austin" is very responsive to low pruning, and has a decent resistance to damage by pathogenic microflora.


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