Mushroom clerk: where to look and how to cook

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The mushroom is a clerk, or poplar poplar (Tricholoma populinum), belongs to the category of conditionally edible. To many, this mushroom from the genus Ryadovka and the Tricholomataceae family is known as rootwort, freezers, poplars or zabualki.

Characteristic and Description

Description of mushrooms that most often grow precisely under poplars, on a stump or soil, It is known to many experienced fans of "silent" hunting, but it will be interesting also for beginner mushroom pickers:

  • a hat of fleshy type, hemispherical or convex;
  • the edges of the cap of young specimens are thin, wrapped, fissured type;
  • the cap of old mushrooms has unevenly curved and outstretched edges;
  • fresh mushrooms are characterized by a wet and slippery surface of the hat;
  • the average diameter of the cap can vary between 6-12 cm;
  • the flesh of the cap under the skin has a slight reddish tint;
  • young mushrooms have white plates;
  • adult and old mushrooms have reddish-brown plates;
  • leg meaty type, a thickness of not more than 35-40 mm and a length of 80 mm;
  • in young specimens, the leg is white, but with age acquires a reddish-brown color, darkening with pressure;
  • the thick and fleshy flesh of white staining has a characteristic flour aroma.

The best taste is observed in young specimens with a pleasant aroma and sufficient density of pulp. Among other things, it should be borne in mind that the flesh of old mushrooms has a rather pronounced bitter taste, so such fruiting bodies must be soaked without fail.

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When and how to collect

The fruiting period begins in August and, under favorable weather conditions, lasts until October. Among poplar plantations, you can find quite large, friendly families of clerks. Growing poplar rows very often form colorful clearings in park areas, on the territory of poplar groves. The most widely spread are the followers in the southern part of our country., as well as in Siberia, where they are found both on stumps and on the forest floor. In the southern regions, the topolivka can be found even in the last decade of November, but in the northern and temperate latitudes the peak of fruiting has been since mid-August.

Mushroom clerk: characteristic

Similarity with other species

Many mushroom pickers call a poplar row simply a poplar mushroom. These are rather large in appearance rows with characteristic yellow or terracotta hats, do not belong to the category of very popular mushrooms. Underground guards grow exclusively under poplar or aspen plantings and have a fairly pronounced external resemblance to the row of the wavy or peduncle Tricholoma pessundatum.

However, it is important to remember that the wavy peduncle can cause a rather strong digestive upset. The main difference is the place of growth, since the destroyed rowing belongs to mycorrhiza with coniferous tree species. This type of mushroom is not capable of mass formation and accumulation of fruiting bodies.

Among other things, you can distinguish topolevka by a very bright and characteristic cucumber or flour smell, due to the location of the mushroom. Also, young fruit bodies of the clerk are characterized by an arrangement under the litter or some drowning in the soil, so that only brownish, semicircular caps that look like potato tubers rise above the surface of the soil. Inexperienced mushroom pickers often confuse poplar row with valuy, which is also explained by the external similarity of the young fruiting bodies of these two species.

Taste Features

Marshmallow mushroom belongs to the category of edible, but the characteristic taste of the pulp requires the pre-treatment of fruiting bodies in order to remove specific bitterness. As a rule, specimens with the most bitter flesh grow under silver poplars.

Such mushrooms need especially careful boiling or prolonged soaking. It should be noted that even in the course of a very long culinary processing, the mushroom flesh of the clerk is able to maintain a fairly dense consistency, therefore fruiting bodies of this type of rowing are especially appreciated by lovers of "elastic" mushrooms.

How to process a row

Cooking rules

At the first stage of processing poplar rowan, it is obligatory to soak fruit bodies cleaned of forest debris in cold tap water for three days. It is required to carry out a water change daily, a couple of times, which contributes not only to the removal of bitterness from the pulp, but also allows you to remove pollution and adhering forest soil. A container with soaked mushrooms should be installed in a cool room, at a temperature of not more than 13-15aboutFROM.

A variety of dishes can be prepared from prepared, peeled or soaked mushrooms, including soups, hot and cold snacks.

The best recipes

Most often, the soaked cisterns are used for cooking main dishes, cold appetizers, as well as canning for the winter period.

Fried rowan poplar

  • scalded thoroughly cleaned, well washed and soaked mushrooms scald with boiling water and dry on a paper or cloth towel;
  • cut dried fruit bodies into relatively large strips, salt to taste and fry in pre-heated oil in a pan;
  • after the liquid from the mushrooms has evaporated almost completely, you need to add a small amount of flour and fry the mushrooms until cooked over low heat.

When served on the table, fried cucumbers can be sprinkled with herbs. Fried mushrooms go well with sour cream or new potatoes.

Pickled Poplars

It is very easy to pickle the clerks for the winter. The peeled fruit bodies should be boiled for about half an hour or blanched for no more than seven minutes, removing the foam. Arrange boiled or blanched mushrooms in sterilized jars, adding black pepper, peas, cloves and bay leaf. To prepare the marinade, for each liter of water, add three tablespoons of vinegar, a tablespoon of salt and one and a half tablespoons of sugar. Hot pickle you need to pour the mushrooms laid out on the banks and roll up the banks. Such canned mushrooms are stored for at least a year.

It should be noted that in addition to very good taste characteristics, the substances that make up the mushroom pulp improve appetite, accelerate metabolic processes and lower cholesterol. Poplar pulp is capable of stimulating the gastrointestinal tract, and also contains few calories, so it perfectly complements the menu of vegetarians or people who adhere to a diet.


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