Why do money tree leaves fall, crumble, or blacken, and how to help your favorite plant

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At home, money tree is very popular due to its high decorative properties and unpretentious care. However, sometimes lush green foliage, which is so pleasing to the eye of the gardeners, begins to crumble, blacken or wither. When the first signs of a problem appear, it is important to take immediate action.

Why does the appearance of leaves change

Small and swollen leaves of a houseplant are very similar to coins, so the second name of the decorative culture is "money tree". This plant is quite unpretentious, and, perhaps, is one of the most resistant indoor flowers to defeat all kinds of diseases. A significant part of the diseases of the Crassula in indoor floriculture is not associated with damage to plant parasites and pathogenic microflora, but is a consequence of improper care and disturbances in crop farming.

Leaf fall

With frequent waterlogging of the soil in a flower pot, the foliage on the plant withers and quickly acquires an unattractive appearance. The leaves turn pale, and then crumble. With untimely treatment, the branches begin to rot and over time the plant disappears. Another flaw in the florist causing the leaves to fall is insufficient irrigation during hot and dry days. With strong drying of earthen soil in a flower pot, the plant begins to save moisture and discards leaves.

The reasons for the falling of foliage foliage may also be in excessive lighting or watering with too cold water, which is why it is very important to choose the location of the plant and use warm, settled water for irrigation. The direct part of the “money tree” should not be exposed to direct sunlight, which causes a loss of elasticity. As a result, the leaves turn red and fall.

Inadequate lighting causes elongation of shoots and loss of decorativeness. Foliage is strewed with too abundant irrigation measures in winter in low light conditions. You can save the fat girl by adjusting the lighting and irrigation modes. So that the leaves do not fall, and the decorative culture grows well, looks lush and beautiful, a houseplant needs to be periodically rotated around its axis.

Why the leaves of the money tree fall

Stains on foliage

Quite often, inexperienced flower growers do not know what to do if soft brownish stains appear on the foliage or the leaves turn black. Usually, indoor plants wither and get such spots when they are affected by a bacterial or fungal infection. All diseased leaves need to be removed, and the plant should be sprayed three times with complex preparations to destroy pathogenic microflora.

Dry and rounded black spots appear on the leaves of the "money tree" as a result of sunburn. In this case, correcting the situation is very easy - just use the shading of the aerial parts of the decorative culture from the sun. True, leaves with burns after some time still fall off, but in this way additional growth points are activated, and the plant can become even more magnificent.

It is important to remember that when a houseplant is affected by pathogenic microflora, it is necessary to revise the conditions for keeping a fat woman as soon as possible. Fungal infection is especially rampant only when growing a “money tree” in rooms with a high level of humidity, therefore, systematic ventilation of the room, as well as high-quality mulching of the soil in a flower pot, are relevant.

Red leaves of Crassula

The reddening of the foliage of a decorative indoor flower may indicate a negative effect of too bright sunlight. Despite the tropical origin, almost all types of Crassulaceae cultivated in indoor floriculture do not tolerate prolonged exposure to the sun.

Reddish staining of the foliage may occur as a result of the transfer of a flower pot with a plant to a more illuminated place. In this case, it is recommended to spill the soil of the flower pot with a solution based on "Epin", divorced from the calculation of a couple of drops in a glass of water. If redness is observed on the underside of the foliage, it is necessary to adjust the regime of irrigation measures to prevent drying out of the earthen coma in the flower pot.

Plant parasite disease

The most common pests affecting the money tree in indoor floriculture are represented by the mealybug, spider mites and scale insects:

  • with a lesion yellowish or brownish-brown towering spots are observed on the surface of the foliage. Discovered adult specimens of a plant parasite can be manually removed from the decorative culture, after which the aerial parts of the plant are treated with a soap solution. With a massive lesion of the fat woman, the stem and leaves are sprayed with Fitoverm or Fufanonon;

How to grow a money tree

  • life activity of spider mites accompanied by the appearance of small yellow spots and a very thin cobweb between the stem part and the foliage. In this case, it is necessary to thoroughly shower the aerial parts of the plant, and, if necessary, treat them with modern chemicals or garlic-tobacco infusion with the addition of a small amount of crushed laundry soap;
  • the appearance of white cotton-like plaque in the leaf sinuses of decorative culture may indicate the defeat of the "money tree" mealybug. In this case, it is recommended to carry out manual collection of the pest, followed by processing the stem and leaves with a thick solution based on laundry soap with the addition of an insecticide.

If the plant has grown

With uncontrolled growth of the aerial part, the plant often falls under its own weight. Very often, this problem occurs with uneven lighting of the crown, as a result of which it becomes one-sided, and the ornamental plant loses stability. In this case, the "money tree" should be transplanted, using for this purpose a new ceramic or clay flower pot of several large sizes.

It is very important to timely carry out the transplantation event. As a rule, transplantation is carried out in the spring, but, in extreme cases, it is allowed to apply the method of transplanting the plant together with an earthen lump. The soil must be replenished very carefully. Nutrient soil mixture should have a neutral reaction. To adjust the crown of decorative culture, it is important to rotate the plant around its axis.

In all species of Crassulum, thick and swollen leaves of a rounded shape are formed. In conditions of indoor floriculture, the oval crassula is most often cultivated. This perennial plant reaches a height of one and a half meters. The money tree leaf plates are oval, round, or ellipsoidal. Some varieties have purple or red bordering of the leaves.

In the conditions of indoor floriculture, the fat girl can grow very much, which is a good sign for a money talisman. Signs associated with the "money tree" say that the more shoots are formed on the plant, the faster the flow of wealth is activated. So that material well-being does not fall, and cash flow is as active as possible, it is required to provide the “money tree” with quality care, as well as comfortable conditions for growth at all stages of the growing season.

How to save a money tree

In the summer, the flower needs to be watered daily, with small volumes of settled water at room temperature. In the autumn and winter, one watering per week will be sufficient. It is very important to carefully control that water stagnation does not occur in the pan, which is fraught with rotting of the root system and an external change in foliage. Subject to the regime of irrigation and lighting, as well as a competent choice of soil and flower pot, the “money tree” will delight its owner with an attractive appearance for many years.


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