How to make a pond from a bath

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Since it is easy to make a pond from the bathtub with your own hands, if you wish, you can carry out all the steps yourself, while achieving a good result. A small well-kept pond from the bath will be a real decoration of any garden. Such a decorative pond can be equipped independently, using improvised materials. Using various waste plumbing elements, you can even create a multi-level artificial pond from a bathtub with your own hands, suitable for populating decorative carps or turtles with frogs. It’s enough just to figure out how to do it yourself with minimal cost. So how to make a pond out of the bath?

Preparation for arrangement

In order for an artificial pond to become a real decoration of a country or personal plot, it is necessary to take into account a lot of important points. First of all, you should choose the right place for the pond. Best of all, if the pond from the bath in the country, done with your own hands, will not be in direct sunlight. The volume of water in the bathroom is quite small, so it will quickly heat up, which contributes to the flowering of algae, a decrease in the level of oxygen saturation of the water and the death of plants and animals settled in the pond from the old bath. A too shaded area is also not worth choosing, as this can contribute to the extinction of existing living creatures. In addition, the location of an artificial reservoir under the trees will cause it to quickly become contaminated with leaves and other debris.

Among other things, drafts will negatively affect the condition of plants and animals living near the pond. Thus, the ideal place for the location of the pond is the area near the gazebo, and on the east side, where bright lighting will be present only in the first half of the day, while in the second the water will be darkened by the structure. If trees are located at some distance from the artificial reservoir that can cover the pond in the country at certain hours, this would be nice.

To equip an artificial pond, one old bath may not be enough. If you plan a multi-level design of irregular shape, you will need a special film. It is also necessary to prepare the tools that will be needed to install all the elements of the future artificial reservoir. The necessary minimum materials and tools include:

  • cement;
  • sand;
  • crushed stone;
  • clay;
  • garden car;
  • Master OK;
  • shovel;
  • mesh for forming;
  • large old pan;
  • special waterproof glue;
  • bucket;
  • concrete mixer;
  • building level.

If you plan to manufacture a conventional pond without additional bends and uneven edges, the task is greatly simplified. In this case, it is necessary to prepare the place, and in addition, to carry out the initial decoration of the bath before installing it. First of all, you need to turn the bath over and circle its contours. In addition, it is necessary to draw an additional circuit at a distance of at least 20 cm. Next, you need to dig a hole, the height of which will be 25 cm above the bath itself. At the bottom, another hole should be dug from the bottom drain, the depth of which should be about 40 cm.

A perforated pan filled with gravel or gravel should be installed in an additional pit. All excavated land can be brought out with a garden wheelbarrow, since it will not be needed to equip the pond. About 5 cm of gravel or gravel and the same layer of sand are laid at the bottom of the pit. The process of primary dressing of the bath involves applying a cement mortar to the upper drain and treating the walls of the tank with special glue mixed with coarse sand. Next, 4 bricks are installed at the bottom of the pit. On them, the prepared bath is installed so that the bottom drain is above the drain funnel. It is very important to check the evenness of the sides using the building level. Sand should be carefully packed into the openings on the sides.

A metal mesh should be placed on top of the sand cushion. Its edges on one side should go into the wall of the bath, and on the other have different shapes. If desired, any irregular shape can be formed. Next, pour a cement pad on the mesh. It is necessary to lay large stones, small pebbles and other elements that will form a decorative basis in the still not dried cent.

Pond from the old bath

Installation and decoration

You can begin to design a pond in about 3-5 days, when the cement has completely hardened. In the process of designing an artificial reservoir, you can show imagination, add decorative elements. The bottom drain must be plugged with a stopper. Further along the perimeter of the artificial reservoir, that is, at the borders of the poured concrete, perennials with large leaves should be planted figuratively. You can plant climbing plants whose branches can be successfully placed at the very edge of the water. Around the plants you need to place rounded decorative stones to create a natural effect.

At one of the edges of an artificial reservoir, you can plant aquatic plants. To do this, fill the plastic pots with clay mixed with river sand. Plants that are not soaked in water are planted in the obtained substrate. This will allow them to take root. At the bottom of the improvised reservoir, these pots will be located in the future, as well as small river pebbles and large stones.

Now you know how to make a miracle out of the bath.

Pond from the bath in the country

Another tip

A variety of algae species can be planted in a pond from an old bathtub. In addition, stone crusts can be folded along the shores of an artificial reservoir. The shards of the jug become out of place. 2-3 weeks after the artificial pond from the old bath is installed, you can decide on the feasibility of putting frogs and other residents there. These are all tips on how to make a pond from a bath in the country with your own hands.


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