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So many people like to pick a yellow mushroom. The so-called mushroom hunting is a year-round concept that has a variable intensity in different periods.

Mushroom picking is not only a hunt for mushroom crops, but also an entertaining walk through the forest. Everyone knows that you can only collect edible species that can be eaten without risk to health. Edible from inedible differ in shape, color and structure. In order not to get into trouble, you should thoroughly study all types of edible plants.

Yellow mushrooms are especially popular among mushroom pickers due to their beautiful appearance and unusually pleasant aroma. These representatives have a lot of useful properties. They grow in different latitudes. Yellow species are used in cooking and medicine. Going for mushrooms, you should carefully study how they look according to the description and photo.

Instead of meat

Today it has become fashionable to use only plant foods. But sometimes I really want to eat a dish that has the smell of fried chicken. An unusual yellow mushroom comes to the rescue, the name of its fungus is sulfur-yellow. Dishes made from it have the smell of chicken.

Sulfur yellow tinder grows on a tree. In the photo of young plants you can see a bright yellow color, thanks to which the plant can be seen several tens of meters. This species is found in different latitudes. Located in trees in small groups. Only young varieties can be eaten, because, growing and accumulating toxins in oneself, the tinder fungus becomes poisonous.

Before cooking, the tinder must be boiled for 30 minutes. Can be consumed in soups, fries, casseroles, can be pickled and dried. Tinder fungus is often used for medical purposes. In its composition, it has 70% of useful substances that contribute to the normal functioning of the human body. Medicines are made from tinder fungus, which are prescribed in the treatment of the liver, bile ducts and respiratory system organs. In pharmaceuticals, you can find laxatives based on this plant.

Yellow chest

Species and varieties

Yellow mushrooms are diverse, and differ among themselves not only in appearance, but also in name. You can see all the main external differences in the photo.

There are several types:

  1. Popular one interesting species, called Hedgehog yellow. Among inveterate mushroom pickers, this species is also called Gidnum notched. It is famous for its pleasant fruity aroma. If you carefully study the photo of the yellow blackberry, you can see that its hat is quite dense, with flesh. The surface of the cap is yellowish, bumpy and irregular in shape. During a period of drought, the surface of the cap tends to fade. The hedgehog is characterized by a leg, the diameter of which can reach 4 cm. The leg is white, dense and has the shape of a cylinder, sometimes slightly curved. The mushroom grows in coniferous or deciduous forests. Hedgehogs bear fruit at the end of the summer, beginning of the autumn period. These mushrooms most often grow alone, but are sometimes found in small groups. During heat treatment, the product does not change its size, for which housewives love it. Plants have a sour taste, which is very similar to chanterelles. You can cook in any way. Famous cooks recommend frying with onions and sour cream. In folk medicine, blackberries are used to boost immunity and renew blood. Various ointments are made from these plants for the treatment of skin diseases. In the field of cosmetology, they are used for the manufacture of regenerating face masks.
  2. Another 1 species is Cobweb yellow. These species have large hats of bright yellow color. The hat can be up to 12 cm in diameter and has a flat and sticky surface. Sometimes the hat is covered with a white coating. The pulp has brown plates. Cobwebs have a leg with a height of 7 to 14 cm, in diameter it is quite thick. Most often, the cobweb can be found on calcareous soil. Thanks to its bright yellow hat, this representative is visible from afar, which greatly facilitates the search. The gossamer is soft and delicate in taste. Some cooks prefer pickling.

In the photo of the real representatives, you can see that they all have some similarities. This is a thick leg, a hat with a bright yellow color. They have a soft and delicate taste.

Basic collection rules

The description of the fungus should be very well known so as not to harm your own health. But, having studied the entire mushroom encyclopedia, one should not forget about the basic rules of collection and processing. Representatives of bright yellow color are detected quite quickly, but nevertheless it is worth carefully walking through the forest so as not to damage the undetected mushroom groups.

To collect, you should take with you a small but fairly sharp knife and a low basket. When plants are found, they cannot be pulled out with roots. The leg is cut from the bottom at the base. In order to prevent damage to the crop, the hat should look down in the basket and the leg up.

Experienced mushroom pickers created the following rules that should be strictly followed:

  • you can not taste the plant in the forest;
  • do not collect species of dubious appearance;
  • do not cut old plants;
  • do not mix different types of crops in a basket;
  • it is advisable to go on a quiet hunt with experienced people;
  • if the leg is too thick at the bottom, do not take such an instance;
  • Before going to the forest, you should refresh your knowledge of different types of plants.

First of all, you should know exactly what inedible species look like. Poisonous are recognized by certain signs. The very first is color. Poisonous specimens have an unusual color, most often it is unnaturally bright, red-yellow. Also, poisonous varieties lack worms or other insects that like to feast on mushroom flesh. The last sign that distinguishes good varieties from poisonous is the smell.

Most often poisonous have an unpleasant smell, with a hint of chlorine and rot.

How to distinguish edible from poisonous mushrooms

Rules for processing yellow mushrooms

After the crop is brought home, it should be processed.

Processing is divided into several stages:

  1. The primary treatment is cleaning up various plant debris. To do this, you can use a brush with a soft pile. Most often, debris sticks on a smooth hat, it can be scraped off with a knife.
  2. Rinsing should be carried out depending on how the collection is planned to be used. There is no need to rinse for drying. For frying and other cooking methods use cold water. Long washing is required for representatives with an uneven surface.
  3. The following is a soaking process. Soaking is used if the plants have a bitter taste. After the washed products are cut into small pieces. The thick leg is cut into small circles.
  4. Heat treatment is necessary to eliminate the bitter taste and toxins. There are several options for heat treatment. In option 1, bring the water and salt to a boil, then lower the mushrooms there. Keep the product in boiling water for 15 minutes. After that, everything must be immersed in cold water. Method 2 for cooks is called blanching. This method is suitable if the products are being prepared for pickling. This method consists in scalding with boiling water a previously washed product. You can blanch over the steam.

Proper processing is the guarantor of preserving the taste of mushrooms.

If you disrupt the processes of cooking and processing, you can lose not only the aroma, but also the original taste.

After processing the yellow mushroom, you can begin to prepare it. Yellow mushrooms are suitable for cooking various snacks, side dishes, and they can also act as a main dish. Yellow mushroom sauces are very unusual in taste. A popular dish is stewed mushrooms in sour cream sauce, which conveys a full bouquet of the taste of yellow mushroom. There are many recipes using mushrooms with a yellow hat. All of them are different and original.


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