The importance of ground anchors in folk medicine and plant contraindications

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Ground Tribulus, or Tribulus Terrestris, is an annual plant with creeping roots, which is covered almost all over with sharp spikes. This culture is often used in folk medicine for the preparation of drugs against fungus, inflammation, sclerosis, urinary tract diseases and other problems. In addition, the anchor is also used to restore the reproductive system in men.

Botanical description and composition of Creeping Tribulus

An anchor is a plant with straight and thin roots that cover the soil. Its stems are branched and can reach a length of 1 meter 20 centimeters. Complex leaves of an anchor with a size of up to 8 centimeters are distinguished by a complex structure and stipules up to one and a half centimeters in length. The flowers of the plant are small, yellow, with a diameter within 15 millimeters.

Among many plants known in medicine, the anchor is significantly distinguished by its abilities. In addition to its usual composition of useful substances, the anchor can also concentrate selenium, strontium, zinc and barium from the environment. In addition to these trace elements, the plant contains:

  • fatty acid;
  • resins;
  • vitamin C;
  • alkaloids;
  • tannins;
  • diosgenin, trillin and so on.

The healing and beneficial properties of ground anchors

Due to the presence of steroidal saponins in the plant, it perfectly fights with fungal and microbial infection of the body, It has an anti-sclerotic effect, improves bowel function. The flavonoids contained in the anchor resist the formation of blood clots in the vessels and thin the blood.

Active drugs in means from the Anchor copes well with impotence, coronary heart disease, remove excess fluid from the body and fight stones in the bladder. Preparations from the plant also differ in tonic and antitumor properties.

The use of tribulus in folk medicine

Locations and rules for collecting medicinal plants

An anchor can be found in almost any corner of the planet. It is found in a wide variety throughout the CIS, as well as in the southern parts of Europe and Asia. Also, the plant is common in Australia and most African countries. Anchors can often be found on the sidelines of large highways, among deserts and steppes, on vacant lots and embankments near railway tracks.

In the Russian Federation, plants are most often found in the eastern part of Siberia, near the Volga and Don, as well as in Altai. Domestic stocks of anchor are fully consistent with the need for medicinal raw materials. For harvesting, plants are pulled out of the soil with roots, and then the aerial part is cut.

Important observe precautions during the procurement of medicinal raw materials. Since sharp spikes are present on almost the entire surface of the anchor, tight gloves must be worn. The procedure for collecting should begin from the moment of flowering and until the fruit ripens. On average, the indicated period falls on all summer and, in some cases, part of September.

An anchor usually bears fruit for a very long time, choosing the same territory, which allows us to procure raw materials for it for many years. Before drying, all other plants that are caught on its spikes must be removed from the anchor. Drying the grass of the plant lasts 1-2 days under a canopy. An anchor should be laid out with a layer of no more than 20 centimeters.

On an industrial scale, special dryers are used, heated to a temperature of 35-45 kilograms. Dry anchor folds into a dry and well-ventilated room. Subject to all storage conditions, the raw material will retain its useful properties for 4-5 years.

Pharmaceutical preparations with Creeping Tribulus

Based on the anchor, a huge number of medications were created. Among the most demanded today it can be noted Tribusponin which is used for atherosclerosis, ischemia and hypertension. It can also be consumed for the prevention of these diseases.

Another drug called Spemann prescribed for insufficient ejaculate volume, hypertrophied state of the prostate gland, problems with erection, anemia, psoriasis and other problems. This tool also contributes well to the treatment of all kinds of liver and kidney diseases.

The use of Tribulus terrestris to treat men

For men, an anchor is of very great value. In infertility, it increases sperm motility and enhances the body's production of sex hormones. Increasing testosterone levels, in turn, contributes to the process of gaining muscle mass. At the same time, Tribulus significantly improve metabolism, which favorably affects weight loss.

For bodybuilders who use anabolic steroids, the ground anchor is also of great value. Its trace elements allow you to fight depression, decreased libido and hormonal disorders.

What does an anchor look like?

The healing properties of the extract of Tribulus

Dry anchor extract today is offered in any pharmacy at an average cost of 170 rubles. Also, the drug is offered in a convenient medical form in the form of tablets. The drug is used for:

  • general strengthening of the body;
  • treatment of diseases of the genitourinary system;
  • increase in duration of an erection, etc.

One of the most popular drugs created on the basis of the extract of the herb anchor is Tribestan. Women who regularly use this drug can expect to improve estrogen production, restore normal hormonal levels, and normalize metabolic processes.

Anchor herb tinctures

The use of tinctures from the aerial parts of the plant is possible with many different diseases. This tool can be prepared independently or purchased ready-made in any pharmacy. The advantages of this tool include:

  • urinary and choleretic effect;
  • counteraction to inflammatory processes;
  • increased libido;
  • treatment of tumors and ulcers;
  • the fight against migraines and insomnia.

To obtain a positive effect, you need to use a ready-made product of 20-40 drops immediately before meals. You need to abandon this drug if you are carrying or feeding a child or you have an individual intolerance to the components of the drug.

If you prefer not to buy pharmaceuticals, but to prepare medicines yourself, then tincture can be made a housebut. To do this, you need to take 100 dried herbs of the Tribulus and pour them with a liter of alcohol (you can replace it with good vodka). Insist the resulting composition is necessary within 7-10 days.

Decoctions and infusions of an anchor in folk medicine

In folk medicine, Tribulus terrestris is considered a very versatile remedy. Decoctions from this plant can be used in the following cases:

  • with infertility in both sexes;
  • in case of problems with potency;
  • to enhance sexual desire.

Tribulus infusion can be used with insufficient bile secretion and constipation. They can be drunk to obtain a diuretic effect, to combat headaches and sleep disturbances. Perfectly anchor infusions are able to cope even with colds and tinnitus.

If you have been diagnosed with any inflammatory process in the genitourinary system, then an infusion will also help to solve this problem. However, before taking the drug, you should always consult with your doctor about the advisability of taking such a medicine in your case.

Anchor infusion can also be used externally. It contributes to the wound healing effect, and can even be applied to burns. Perfectly the drug resists fungal, inflammatory and other skin lesions. With scrofula, Tribulus infusions give the best effect along with fresh plant juice.


An anchor has very few contraindications, but like most herbs, it should be used very carefully in the treatment of diseases. Before taking this culture, you must always consult a doctor, and cooked healing infusions and decoctions should always be used strictly at the indicated dosages. If you exceed the allowable consumption of an anchor, then this can significantly increase the prostate in men and cause breast and / or uterine cancer in women.

Due to the specific effect on the body, the anchor can not be used for persons under 18 years of age. It is forbidden to use any medicine based on the plant to pregnant women, and nursing mothers must first obtain the approval of a doctor. Patients with diabetes mellitus and patients who have prostate adenoma should also refuse to use anchor.

Tea Party Herbs

Anchor is a truly amazing plant. It is used not only in folk, but also in classical medicine. Even many cosmetic preparations also include this component. However, you must use any means you choose wisely, because otherwise you can not cure, but only exacerbate existing problems.


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