Who can eat up the roots of Lavatera

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Hello, tell me, who can eat up the roots of the lavatera? Already threw some bushes. Muravyov is not visible. What to do? Poison shed? Thanks!

Spray Fufanon. From all pests

eat the roots ... maybe water under the root?

try, it won’t be any worse. Although if some worm eats ... Maybe they will advise something else. Only ants eat everything in our place.

I have been planting a lavender for a long time and pests never touch it, maybe the reason is different, you did not see shrews or other animals on the site did not appear.

that’s exactly that everything was normal. Everything came out, it grew healthy ... the color began to pick up and problems started ... hung up the ears ... then it was completely bent ... Pulled out dried bushes, the root at the very neck was eaten up

This is some kind of beetle I don’t remember the name, process with karbofos and flowers and I think the earth will not be worse.



We generally lavater disappeared after landing. As if sprayed with something bad

My two-tail is eating everything, both greenhouses are full too, how to get rid of it? In the room, mosquito protection with a heater helps, in the greenhouse I burned anti-mosquito plates, and now in the ground so many children have bred even under the potatoes. Chicks need to start


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