How to scare away snakes in the country

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How to scare away snakes from the site?

We bought a new plot. We are engaged in cleaning the territory from trees, and we throw all the stick-branches into one pile. In these "heaps" vipers are constantly sitting (you start tedding or throwing branches - they crawl out). I’m already used to the compost pits, I treat them calmly. But I'm afraid of vipers, I'm afraid to let children go around the site.

So they can crawl to any dacha from the forest, but the fact that they are present at each of our visits to the cottage scares me.


Irina, that you clean the site is good, but my advice. As soon as you have gathered branches and herbs, do not store them, but burn them. Firstly, in this way you deprive snakes of shady coolness, and secondly, they do not really like ashes and ashes.
We have a site close to the river and the forest, in some years, snakes crawl towards us, but we constantly mow the entire site, almost to the ground. There is no time for the lawn 🙂 Garbage is burnt in a special barrel. And ash on the beds.
There is a shovel constantly on the street, many people don’t understand me, but if we see, then we kill a snake (this rarely happens)
Also, if there are hedgehogs or cats on the site, then snakes start to get around such sites.


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