How to shape cucumbers

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Tell me, do you need to delete something?

So, a team post with links to group posts about the formation. Be sure to look and read the methods, everything will be clear! 1. Cucumbers (the difference in the formation in the greenhouse and in the soil, superbeam):

At such a time, I did not delete anything, the conclusion is my first. Now they are almost a meter begin to slowly remove stepsons and unnecessary lower shoots

And I blinded to the fifth sheet and removed the stepsons and my first

Of course, it’s really cool with Rostov, I also want it that way, but in our region those (half) that I deleted while the manusics are standing, have not even given cucumbers yet, we are waiting.

Insert a stick there, an apple tree will grow. I know you tricks)

You saw through me

True, truth is a good land! And the people are good. Unfortunately, I can’t boast, I also want such a crop, they warmed there, ah, give the sun)

Anya, thank you, but this year we had a flood, I don’t even remember this, only the sun returned to us, we’ll warm up a bit and send you

Jeanne, I did not know about removal and blinding, but I have a GOOD crop too. Like you. But if I deleted it, perhaps more would be. We eat the second week

We also have been eating for two weeks now, I’m not an agronomist, so I can’t say with confidence how much this affects I read a lot, I watched the video. Many advise so, I tried it and I liked it

We have IR in the greenhouse. They helped in the first stage, then there was warmth. Now it’s cool, but everything is rushing and rushing

How much I like it when everything rushing is damn nice let it continue with us

What are the glorious as the variety is called?

Friends, thank you all for the valuable information.

And if the cucumbers are already tied down below, should they be removed too?

Son-in-law and mother-in-law

The first 3-4 cucumbers are best removed. If you do not remove it, the cucumber will slow down in growth and will increase the fruits. We need to build up the upper mass first.

Thanks! I will plant next year too

Thanks, I'll try to figure it out. Although, in that year, she did nothing, only put the seeds into the ground, watered and collected)

But mine - I’m forming the first year, I already eat cucumbers.


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