What kind of beetle eats strawberries

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Hello! Tell me, what kind of beetle eats strawberries? Eat berries directly and sit inside, how to get rid?

Thanks! I would still not figure out what kind of bugs they’ve rummaged the entire Internet

I also recently posted such a post, no one answered for sure no one to poison it

They wrote that he was eating raspberries

She also looked, looks like a motley, but it is written that he is a predator, maybe his strawberries are for dessert? Or maybe he doesn’t eat strawberries, but sits and preys on the one who just eats?

Maybe it's a weevil?

No, definitely not him.

Maybe slug hunting leads :-) a strange bug

No, he sits inside the berry and eats its reptile 🙁

Take a look at the “plucker”.

I have the same bug on strawberries. Black with yellow stripes. They eat berries from the inside. There are so many of them. I can’t get rid of it. I don’t know what kind of insect and how to deal with it. Maybe someone will tell you. Thanks in advance


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