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Please tell me, what about my azalea?

Azalea is very moody, she needs humidity, but not dampness, and warmth, but not hot ...

1) your azalea is hot (they love the cool, 15 degrees, and now it's summer, you know), it throws off the leaves and dries BUT! Drain the water from the pan. Azalea though loves the water, but it is better to drain the water that it doesn’t drink. I think in the fall your flower will bounce back

I covered it with ice in the heat

And be sure to prune after flowering. The sun should shine either early in the morning or in the evening, I have it standing on the north window. Loves moisture and acidic soil - transplant into the ground for azaleas and rhododendrons

And pour water with citric acid

I planted my own on a flowerbed under a peach. They certainly do not grow with me, but they do not drop the leaves either.

Thank you very much. Today I’ll do it !!

She loves the cold. Mine in the cellar feels great

But how do you give her the light? I also had such an idea, but I think that there will not be enough light for her there.

the cellar is open at me


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