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Juniper Gold Star is one of the best evergreens for the garden. He will find a place on the alpine hill, along the fence or next to the gazebo.

From it you can create an attractive hedge. Coniferous plants have a number of positive characteristics that will undoubtedly please any summer resident:

  • extraordinary plasticity;
  • nice color palette at any time of the year;
  • ability to withstand any temperature changes;
  • lack of need for plentiful moistening;
  • ability to grow on almost any soil.

A lot of varieties of Juniper Gold Star are on sale, each of which is endowed with certain characteristics and external signs.

Juniper varieties

Juniper varieties Gold Star

Depending on the size of the plot, you can choose different types of juniper. Allocate both sprawling trees and lush bushes. They differ from each other in color shades. The most popular varieties include the following.

  • Juniper medium Mordigan Gold. Juniper medium Mordigan Gold is a plant in the form of a small spreading shrub, the crown of which grows horizontally. Quite slow growth is observed, over a year the plant grows by only 10 cm. It is very popular in Europe because it has soft needles and a beautiful light green color.. Bactericidal and phytoncidal properties are inherent in this conifer; therefore, it is recommended to plant it in the immediate vicinity of residential buildings. Specialists found that the juice of this plant in its composition has harmful and poisonous substances, so the damaged areas should be cut only with special gloves.

  • Juniper medium Gold Star. The plant is a small sprawling bush with shoots of yellow-green hue. The branches of the shrub represent the shape of a star, they extend from the center to the periphery. On one plant, 2 types of needles can grow: needle and scaly. Juniper of this type reaches a height of only about a meter, many gardeners love this type of plant, consider it a golden decoration of the garden.

  • Juniper medium Gold Coast. It is a fast-growing shrub, the color of the needles in it is golden green. An adult plant reaches a height of up to 2 m, and in diameter - up to 1 m. At the very beginning of development, the plant has a light shade of shoots, over time, the color gradually darkens. The branches of the plant are located horizontally, the tips elegantly go down. Needles of this type of juniper are needle-shaped, quite dense. It is better to plant the plant on the sunny side, because in the shade it is impossible to achieve a beautiful sheen of the crown. If there is a violation of the integrity of the crown, damaged areas should be removed using a secateurs.
  • Juniper Carpet. It belongs to a dwarf shrub, an adult plant in height reaches only 0.3 m. I like gardeners and landscape designers very much, because it has blue needles. On the branches you can see beautiful cones of bright blue color. It is unpretentious to cultivation, therefore, it can grow on any soil, but care should be taken that the soil is not very saline and waterlogged.
  • Pfitzeriana aurea - Another good option for a summer residence. Pfitzeriana Aurea is among the centenarians, it does not have a capricious disposition.

Gold Star - a beautiful decoration of the garden

Many gardeners prefer to plant Juniper Gold Star and its varieties on the site. In appearance, it resembles a luxurious spreading shrub, the crown of which is located horizontally. The plant has a number of characteristics for which summer residents especially appreciate it:

  • calmly refers to the cold temperature, easily tolerates the winter period in central Russia;
  • can be planted on any type of soil, but it will be better to grow on light and loose soil;
  • unpretentious to the amount of moisture, can tolerate drought, but after 2-3 years after planting, it is better to water the plant abundantly;
  • can grow in sunny areas of the garden and in dark places.

For the rapid growth of the bush and the appearance of a beautiful golden hue, it is better to plant a plant in a sunny area. Juniper Gold Star can be called a universal plant. It looks great in any garden composition. The coniferous bush looks stylish on a pebble embankment or mulch from the bark. Juniper in the garden always looks presentable, in addition, it also purifies the air of bacteria, fills it with a captivating aroma.

If juniper is properly looked after, then the bush is able to grow for 30 years.

Gold Star is truly a beautiful decoration of the garden, it is easy to recognize among other types: sprawling branches taper to the top. The needles in the sun acquire an attractive golden hue. For this property in everyday life it is called the "golden star".

Juniper Gold Star Care

In order for the plant to have a beautiful appearance, it is necessary to plant it correctly, as well as take care of it. When landing, certain recommendations should be considered.

  1. If the soil is heavy on the site, then garden soil is added to the planting hole. It is imperative to pour a drainage layer if groundwater runs close. Planting a plant is necessary quickly so that the root system does not have time to dry in the sun.
  2. After planting, the juniper is abundantly watered, covered from exposure to sunlight.
  3. Only nitrogen or complex fertilizers can be used for better growth. In no case should bird fertilizers and cow silage be used: they contribute to the rapid death of the root system.
  4. Loosening the soil around the plant is not recommended, this will lead to poor absorption of moisture, since the roots are of a superficial type.
  5. In autumn, it is necessary to bandage the crown of the tree in order to avoid breaking the shoots under the weight of snow.
  6. If the juniper kidneys received a sunburn, then it is better to cover the affected areas with special material.
  7. To maintain the brightness of the needles in the winter, it is necessary to water the plant abundantly in the warm season.
  8. If during severe frost the branches and shoots froze, then they should be cut to healthy wood, and the affected area should be treated with garden var.
  9. In winter, juniper branches can be covered with material.

How to propagate juniper

Juniper is an excellent choice for decorating the garden. It is suitable for both beginners and experienced gardeners. The plant can be used in any landscape composition. Some prefer to combine juniper with a beautiful artificial pond on the site, while others simply plant a plant in the garden on a green lawn.


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