Inoculation of cherries in the middle lane

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There is already an old tree, yellow cherries. In our area - a rarity. How to save it? I know that stone fruits are difficult to graft, but still. To plant on a young cherry, but how and when? Maybe a specialist from our city who will take up this difficult matter will respond. Give at least advice, is it worth trying and at what time and in what way?
Thanks everyone!


Vaccination is best done as soon as the snow melts, before the buds open to rootstock or in July. This should be done with a variety of copulation, in a tree stump of a stock of 10-15 cm high OR budding in a trunk at the same height of 10 cm. Growth power, regular fruiting and tree longevity largely depend on a correctly selected stock. The use of cherries as a stock for cherries is undesirable. If this is neglected, then by the age of 5-7 years, a swelling forms in the place of vaccination, indicating partial incompatibility of the scion with the stock. Such trees are short-lived.
Try to grow a stock at the right place from the seeds of your own sweet cherry.


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