Purslane cultivation after germination

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Good evening everyone! Partulak sown for the first time. He ascended on the third day in unison, but the sprouts are tiny, the leaves are tiny, the stalks are tiny! And now I’m sitting, I don’t know what to do with it? Open film or not? Sprinkle? And scary to sprinkle! Sowing superficially.

Do not open all the small rastuhi, only when you salt with the earth, you must add them, otherwise they will fall

I would not risk opening the film. Stick on the sifted strawberry by gram, that's how Elena Gaidukova wrote, and open the film when all the rastuhi are already sprinkled and begin to grow. And then, open not immediately, but gradually, first for 5 minutes, on the trail. Day at 10. And so gradually accustom. I opened the lobelia immediately, all 3 pots died, I got up in the morning, everyone is dead, and replanted.

The first time I planted a purslane, too, in a greenhouse. Small one has ascended. She didn’t open for a long time, then she began to open it gradually, but he all the same died down in the end. Now I just planted a small one in a pot, did not cover it with anything, threw the seed and that's all. He sprouted longer, but growing normally. I like him more like that than the first one.

Thank you for responding. She closed the film, I’ll go to sleep tomorrow, maybe they will grow up overnight 🙂

It was the same until I reseeded, I will try as you

One woman was very surprised when I told her about the purslane seedlings. Says: I threw the seeds once in the garden - and now it grows like a weed. But of course they have a little more relaxed. I still decided to try the seedlings. I guess we are too patronizing him, but he is actually unpretentious)

The tribe sowed three times in the garden, only got out on the 4th

And I planted the remainder of the seeds of this woman both times here. And it came up all the time well. But the first time I got it all. And now it’s just normal. I think the first time I planted early, there was little light for him, the whole stretched out. Yes, through the greenhouse then. Maybe the humidity was because of the greenhouse. I do not even know. At least he’s better now)

I immediately planted a purslane in the garden, leveled the plot, poured it, slammed it, scattered it less often and covered it with glass almost touching the ground. Just ascended, the glass lifted higher and a piece of agril from above; through the glass, the sun will burn young sprouts. When the stars grew (round bushes with a diameter of 1-1.5 cm), I opened and watered it straight from the watering can. So many grew. There was nowhere to go. I didn’t sprinkle anything, I buried myself, and in the fall I gave my seeds ripened.

Friends, good afternoon, once sowed the seeds immediately into the garden, later on there was self-sowing, a friend sows annually in the ground, covers with a film and only when a well-rooted plant appears, planted, purslane of different colors, the garden looks fine


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