Gladiolus cultivar Violetta and other varieties

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Gladiolus Violetta always attracts the eye with its sophistication and beauty. Today, there is a huge selection of different plants designed to decorate a garden or homestead area. Some of them allow you to create the simplicity and filigree inherent in a particular landscape style. Others, on the contrary, focus on themselves in view of their bright and colorful external data. At the same time, absolutely every type and variety of plants is able to take its place in the garden and fill it with its own colors, giving a complete appearance and visual characteristics. One of the varieties of such crops are gladiolus. It is these flowers that can not only significantly transform almost any area, but also fill it with an unforgettable atmosphere. Today we will try to understand the varieties of these colors and begin our review with one of the most colorful representatives of a kind. Gladiolus Violetta will become the very plant that we will consider at the very beginning.

Characteristics of gladioli and their most spectacular varieties

Gladioli are one of the most colorful and vibrant colors, perfectly adapted to our climatic zone. However, due to their relatively low frost resistance, they require special attention and extraction from the ground for the winter period. All varieties of these flowers are planted in the spring, when the air temperature in the street no longer drops below 0ºC. Another feature of caring for this plant is the fact that the corm, forming the basis of the shoot, ages and stratifies over time. This fact inevitably affects the external characteristics of the flower, deforming the stem and making the flowers more dull. In order to prevent a similar outcome, the onion-mother requires periodic rejuvenation by sedimenting children. A similar task should be performed every 3-5 years depending on the plant variety and its parameters.

Giving gladioli or garden areas additional attractiveness and elegance with the help of gladioli is an excellent solution. The use of these colors for the formation of landscape design allows not only to create excellent visual images, but also to make the whole garden more individual and vibrant. The excellent external qualities of this flower made it incredibly popular among the population and served as a catalyst for the work of breeders. It was they who brought forth many species that differ among themselves in both shades of flowers and their shape. The most popular among the variety of similar plants are the following species that have proven themselves exclusively from the best side:

  • Violetta;
  • Prunes
  • gladiolus Patrons of the Century;
  • Coral reef;
  • Color magic;
  • Sparkler;
  • Give me a smile.

The above varieties of gladioli differ in their external characteristics and allow you to create magnificent images in the garden, distinguished by their contrast and an abundance of color.

Gladioli: landing and care

Overview of the brightest varieties

Gladiolus Violetta is a traditional image that was the progenitor of the other varieties of this plant.

The color scheme of this plant ranges from light tones of lilac to dark purple hues.

Its stem has a straight, straight profile and reaches a size of 90-110 cm. The shape of the flower itself is standard, you can even say natural, and is presented in the form of a triangle. At the same time, one stem can contain up to 25-28 flowers, which significantly distinguishes this variety and allows you to select one or another part of the garden with it.

Gladiolus Prunes is a plant bred by selection, and in its external characteristics resembles the Violetta variety. However, this particular species has one significant difference, which lies in the shape of the flower and its presentation. Moreover, the shoot itself has a length of 140-160 cm, which makes it one of the tallest plants among its kind. Prune has a rounded flower with torn edges and corresponds to a dark lilac shade.

The Patrons of the Century variety is a plant reaching a height of 140-150 cm and having up to 15-18 flowers on its shoot. In this case, the inflorescence itself is characterized by a creamy yellow hue and a rather specific flower shape. It resembles a corrugation with a small fringe at the edges, which significantly decorates this variety and contributes to its isolation from the total mass.

Gladiolus Coral reef implies a rather gentle and soothing shade of its flower. This variety is characterized by coral pink inflorescences reaching a height of 140-150 cm. In this case, the flowers themselves have a corrugated border and slightly torn edges.

Gladiolus Magic of color is characterized by a gentle peach color and straight shoots reaching a height of 130-140 cm. The inflorescences themselves are framed by a lime border and have a compressed shape. Such external characteristics create some contrast, and also make this look noticeable and attractive.

Gladiolus sparkler is one of the most undersized varieties of this plant. Its height is only 80-110 cm. Moreover, its flowers have an excellent structure with slightly compressed edges, and their shade shimmers from white to bright red. This makes it not only elegant, but also quite colorful.

Gladiolus Give me a smile is a plant consisting of 5-10 large flowers. Inflorescences are large, consisting of several folds. They differ in saturated dark red color, which makes their use for decorating the garden an extremely successful solution. In this case, the shoot height of this variety of gladiolus is average and is 120-140 cm.

How to plant and store gladioli


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