The wicker rose "Rosary Utersen" - a bright accent in landscape design

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The climbing rose "Rosarium Uetersen", popular in many countries and very much in demand in conditions of garden decoration, is described by the originator as characterized by abundant and prolonged flowering before the onset of autumn cold.

Characterization and description of the variety

Climbing rose "Rosary Utersen" belongs to the category of bushy ornamental plants, forming strong and vertically directed shoots. The average height of an adult plant often reaches three or more meters. Leaves with pronounced gloss on the surface, large. The plant is rarely affected by diseases or pests.

Thick and well-leafy rose bushes are strewn with fragrant and very bright buds of dark pink color, which over time become covered with a light, subtle silver tint. Large-sized flowers with a dense terry. The average diameter of a fully blossomed flower is at least 10-12 cm. The presence of a very delicate aroma is characteristic. By the end of the season, flowers collected in lush brushes are fully revealed, resulting in an attractive flat shape.

Landing rules

When planting a climbing rose, it is necessary to take into account some features of this popular decorative culture:

  • spring planting delays the formation of flowers for about a couple of weeks, and care for the planted plant during this period requires more competent and thorough;
  • the standard depth when planting climbing rose bushes always depends on the location of the vaccine, which must be deepened by about 8-10 cm;
  • deep landing is able to create the most favorable conditions for the full growth and development of the cultural scion of roses;

  • when planting a grafted climbing rose in the spring, shoots must be shortened by a couple of buds;
  • a plot for planting and growing a climbing rose should be well lit by sunlight in the first half of the day;
  • the soil in the area designated for cultivating roses of the Rosarium Uetersen variety must be sufficiently fertile;
  • it is unacceptable to plant roses on acidified soils with poor air permeability and water throughput;
  • the site should not be located in a lowland where stagnation of cold air masses or water is observed.

Immediately after planting, it is necessary to carry out abundant watering and shading of seedlings, and then it is necessary to observe the whole complex of care measures, including watering, top dressing and plant formation.

How to plant roses

Care Activities

Caring for a climbing rose of the Rosary Utersen variety has some features, without which it is very difficult to achieve an annual and abundant flowering from a decorative culture:

  • the plant grows large enough, so for good growth and flowering rose bushes must necessarily be bent for the winter period, which will save the bulk of the shoots;
  • proper plant formation involves a short pruning of weaker and thinner lashes, as well as an average pruning of ½ of the total length for stronger and well-developed shoots;
  • in the early spring, immediately after removing the winter shelter, it is necessary not only to prune and remove last year's plant debris, but also to spray the aerial part of the climbing rose with special preparations to protect against diseases and pests, as well as to loosen the soil and make it necessary for the growth and development of decorative crop fertilizer complex;

  • watering climbing roses is not required too often, but abundantly enough, which will allow you to nourish the deeply located root system of a decorative flowering plant with moisture;
  • for root irrigation, it is required to use water that has been defended and warmed up in the sun, and irrigation measures themselves are carried out after sunset, which will insure the aboveground part of the plant from getting sunburns and loss of appearance;
  • fertilizing roses is necessary several times a season, depending on the stage of vegetation, the composition of fertilizers varies;
  • basic nitrogen-containing fertilizers in the form of growth stimulants, liquid organics, urea and sodium humate are introduced in the spring and in the first half of summer;
  • phosphorus fertilizers in the form of superphosphate contribute to the formation of stronger and well-developed shoots and are applied from mid-summer to September inclusive;

  • fertilizers based on potassium chloride or potassium sulfate are extremely important for rose bushes at the stage of budding and active flowering, as well as in preparation for winter cold;
  • balanced fertilizers Agricola for flowering plants and Agricola Rose affect the growth and growth of roses very well.

Such measures as the removal of weeds, as well as shallow cultivation, which prevents the formation of soil crust, should not be neglected. It is necessary to start tying the "Rosarium Uetersen" lashes as early as possible, which will direct the growth of the plant and not cause additional hassle to the amateur grower.

Recommendations and reviews of rose growers

According to the reviews of most domestic and foreign rose growers, the climbing rose of the Rosary Uthersen variety is characterized as a wonderful garden culture with a very refined and delicate, somewhat sugary aroma. The bushes of this rose are great for decorating a gazebo, arch or terrace. Many amateur gardeners use the variety for zoning the garden space.. There is an opportunity through competent pruning to perform bush landscape design.

In the presence of a high stem, a rose of this variety can form an attractive and very decorative, abundantly flowering tree with a rounded crown, which will look good in any corner of the garden. A great addition to Rosarium Uetersen are grassy perennials with blue-violet or white flowers. Good against the background of such rose bushes and ornamental plants with silver foliage.

Rosary Utersen: unpretentious roses

Landscape designers and experienced rose growers recommend planting the climbing rose Rosary Uterzen in flower beds, combining with white, purple or dark red clematis, as well as in addition to white-flowered roses or the thick-rooted variety Rosenkenigin.


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