Self-planting lawn in spring

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As a rule, planting a lawn in the spring with your own hands is not difficult. To obtain the most attractive grass cover, you should plant lawn grass in a timely and correct manner.

Features of choice

Planting and growing a lawn is a very responsible event. In order to grow a high-quality lawn coating with your own seeds, you must correctly select planting material:

  • One of the easiest and most affordable options is meadow lawn, which can significantly improve the aesthetics of the landscape and at the same time require a minimum of time and effort to land and care. The disadvantages of this type of lawn grass include weak resistance to trampling and the need for regular irrigation. The basis of planting material are bluegrass or ryegrass seeds.

  • Landscape gardening grass It has increased resistance to wear, which makes it possible to equip with its use a recreation area or a place for children's games. The basis of such a lawn is most often grass seeds from the family of cereal crops.
  • Costly rolled lawns In recent years, they have enjoyed enviable popularity due to their attractive appearance, as well as the ability to quickly and easily equip a large area. The most commonly used seeds are herbs such as bluegrass or lupins.
  • An excellent option for arranging a personal territory with a significant number of decorative elements is flower lawn. The high cost of the coating is due in this case to the use of quite expensive seed material.

Relatively recently, the so-called English lawn, the composition of which is represented by a complex combination of herbs, began to be used in the arrangement of local territories. Such a green coating will require regular haircuts and quality irrigation activities.

Features of the composition

When choosing a lawn grass, it is best to focus not only on the cost and indicators of adaptation to weather changes, but also take into account the features and basic characteristics of the herbs included in the mixture:

  • red and sheep fescue can be grown at any indicators of lighting and soil moisture;
  • meadow fescue is a very demanding grass, requiring constant watering and feeding;
  • pasture ryegrass rightfully refers to universal crops with rapid and fairly amicable growth;
  • meadow bluegrass perfectly survives on all types of soil, has a high level of resistance to temperature extremes, heat and high humidity;
  • a thin bog is the best option for calcareous soils, where it shows stable growth and good development;
  • shoot-forming barn for the formation of a dense grass cover needs abundant and frequent watering.

How to plant a lawn with your own hands

Somewhat less often in the compositions of lawn grass mixtures you can find white clover, which is characterized by sufficient complexity during cultivation and allows to obtain uniformity of coating exclusively in conditions of high agricultural technology in areas with sufficient lighting and humidity.

Rules and terms of landing

It is important to remember that the best and highest quality lawns can be obtained on sandy or sandy loamy soils. To grow a flawless and durable lawn on your own, It is necessary to comply with the technology and landing dates:

  • sowing of lawn grasses can be carried out at any time: in spring, as well as in summer or autumn, before severe frosts;
  • a plot for sowing a lawn must be properly prepared about a month or a half before the work;
  • it is necessary to level the sown area, as well as to monitor fertility indicators and, if necessary, supplement the soil with basic nutrients;
  • when sowing in spring or summer, fertilizers rich in nitrogen-containing components must be applied;

  • if the sowing of lawn grass is planned to be carried out in autumn, then to improve fertility indicators, preference should be given to potash and phosphorus fertilizers, which will improve the level of winter hardiness of the lawn and strengthen the root system of grasses;
  • the area allocated for the creation of the lawn must be visually divided into even small squares, which will facilitate the sowing work and will evenly distribute the planting material;
  • if there is dry and hot weather after sowing, frequent and high-quality irrigation of the future lawn should be carried out.

Sowing is best done on a calm day, having previously evenly spilled the landing area with water from a hose. Further care for lawn grass is to carry out work such as watering and periodic mowing. If necessary, grass should be fed with special fertilizers.

Use of Fertika fertilizer

The modern and highly effective complex fertilizer "Fertika" from the Finnish manufacturer "Fertika" is known to many summer residents under the name "Kemira". Processing the lawn with this fertilizer varies depending on the application time:

  • at the stage of laying the lawn, the Fertika-Lawn dry fertilizer is embedded in the topsoil with the calculation of 1 kg for every 10 meters of the sown area, after which the soil is compacted and abundant watering is carried out;
  • in the spring, after the snow melts, you should clean the surface of the lawn from vegetable debris and feed Kemira at the rate of 0.45 kg per 10 square meters;
  • at the stage of active vegetation, lawn grass is mowed weekly, and after the second mowing, fertilizer is applied at the rate of 0.5 kg for every 10 square meters.

Fertika fertilizer: application

You should evenly distribute the nutrient composition on the surface of the lawn, and then carry out abundant watering. Proper top dressing and timely irrigation will provide the lawn with an excellent appearance.


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