Rose floribunda Nina Weibul: characteristics of the variety, planting and care technology

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Roses of floribunda, which include the Nina Weibul, or Nina Weibull, well-known to many domestic as well as foreign flower growers, occupy an intermediate position between polyanthus ornamental cultures and hybrid tea roses. Today, floribunda roses are characterized by a huge variety of shades, and in terms of brightness quite often surpass the most popular and popular tea hybrid varieties.

Varietal characteristic

Well-known in our country, the variety "Nina Weibul" was bred by breeders more than half a century ago in Denmark. The originator of the variety is the company "Poulsen". The average height of a compact, but rather branched rose bush is about 0.60−0.75 m with a width of 0, 55 m. Terry flowers are distinguished by a blood-red color, with a diameter of 5-6 cm. According to the description of the originator, the flowers are collected in inflorescences of five pieces.

As a stock for this variety, the most commonly used rose is rugosa or rose canina. The continuously blooming Nina Weibull rose is resistant to weather and blooms continuously until a steady fall in cold weather. High resistance to damage by powdery mildew and black spotting minimizes the need for preventive treatments.

Landing Features

The advantages of Nina Weibull floribunda roses include high frost resistance, long and abundant flowering, as well as resistance to the most common diseases of flowering crops and absolute unpretentiousness in care. Nevertheless, To obtain abundantly flowering rose bushes, the rules for planting seedlings must be observed:

  • young plants are best planted in the spring, with a place protected from drafts and well-lit throughout the day;
  • the root system of this rose variety is characterized by good development, which requires the preparation of a fairly spacious landing pit;
  • it is optimal to fill a pre-prepared landing pit with a nutrient mixture based on the same amount of garden soil, sand, humus and peat with the addition of a small amount of phosphate fertilizers and bone meal;
  • grafted seedlings of Nina Weibull garden roses must be correctly placed in the planting pits;
  • the place of vaccination must be buried in the soil by two centimeters, which helps to activate the formation of additional roots and improve plant nutrition.

After planting, watering, mulching of the soil and shading of the seedlings from scorching sunlight are carried out.

Roses florinbuda: features of the variety

Care Rules

The variety "Nina Weibull" is unpretentious in the care and cultivation. Particular attention should be paid to pruning and preparing rose bushes for winter frosts. Pruning is done in the fall and in the spring, immediately after removal of insulation from the bushes. Trimming can be done both strong and medium. Regularly remove all dry and deformed shoots on Nina Weibull rose bushes.

Trimming recommendations:

  • during the event, no more than five of the strongest and strongst shoots should be left on the bush;
  • the average shoot height after trimming can be no more than 10-15 cm;
  • when conducting average pruning on each shoot, you need to leave about 4-6 kidneys;
  • all lateral branches of the main stem need to be shortened;
  • all shoots older than two years of age are cut off without fail.

In central Russia and the more northern regions of our country, it is advisable to shelter rose bushes for the winter period in order to protect the root system and the aerial parts from freezing. Recommendations for preparing bushes for winter:

  • remove all foliage and inflorescences from the bushes;
  • trim the aerial parts of the plant at a height of 35-40 cm;
  • fill the decorative culture with soil and cover it with fir spruce branches;
  • pull non-woven garden material over the spruce branches.

In addition to pruning and shelter in the process of care, systematic watering and top dressing should be carried out according to the agricultural technique of growing this decorative culture.

Reviews and recommendations of flower growers

Most often, in regions with an unfavorable climate and far from ideal soil composition, Rose Clair Renaissance, or Renaissance, and Nina Weibul varieties are grown. Despite its rather "venerable" age, the variety "Nina Weibull" is still one of the most popular red-flowered floribundas in the Scandinavian countries. Its widespread popularity is also recorded in Finland and Iceland.

Unusually bright flowers of a dark red color, according to reviews of amateur gardeners and landscape designers, do not fade under the influence of sunlight. An additional decorative effect to rose bushes is also given by the ability of this variety to form lush inflorescences with a large number of flowers that create continuous flowering and have decent resistance to rain.

Bright flowers of the Nina Weibull rose look very advantageous against the background of dark green, shiny foliage. Bushes of this decorative flowering culture are well developed, very powerful and relatively branched, which makes the variety suitable for decorating a personal garden or recreation area. Minor varietal shortcomings include a markedly pronounced spike in the shoots, which in any case is compensated by prolonged flowering, resistance to the most common rose diseases and ease of care.

How to plant a rose

The variety "Nina Weibul" is widely used in the design of country and household plots. Rose bushes look great not only on flower beds and flower beds, but also become an adornment of a rosary or an alpine hill. The most advantageous is the combination of a rose of this variety with Veronica, garden petunia, bell or mock.


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