Is it possible to plant nearby different varieties of strawberry seedlings

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Good day! Please explain whether it is possible to plant different varieties of strawberries nearby. We want to breed several varieties of culture in a small area, but neighbors say that there will be pollination. Will this affect crop yields? How to plant it in this case?

There is no definite answer to the question of whether it is possible to plant different varieties of strawberries nearby. The opinions of scientists and practitioners were divided.

Scientists claim that strawberries are berries obtained by selection in the laboratory. The probability that pollination between different species can occur under natural conditions, then the pollinated seed will fall into the soil, germinate, and the sprout will not be removed when weeding, is practically zero. Mustaches and sockets carry the properties of the mother bush, so these qualities do not depend on pollination.

Practitioners believe that over-pollination occurs over time. Varietal strawberries lose their quality: its taste, color, aroma worsens. The size of the berries decreases. But it becomes noticeable when the bushes already need to be changed. Therefore, the owners of small plots plant different varieties of strawberries nearby.

The main problem they encounter in this case is the weaving of the mustache. If you liked some varieties, but need to get rid of others, then it will be difficult to do this on a bed with a bound mustache. If plants with different ripening periods are planted nearby, this will lead to the fact that the collection of berries from one garden will be extended for a long time. This will complicate weeding, row spacing processing.

Therefore, practitioners recommend planting seedlings of different varieties of strawberries in different beds or in distant sections of the garden (if possible). But this will not affect the quality and quantity of the crop. If this is not possible, the rows of bushes should be separated from each other by other plants: stunted marigolds, garlic.


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