Why do cucumbers turn yellow

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Why did the cucumbers begin to turn yellow? We feed, water every evening with warm water. Greenhouses polycarbonate.

what do you advise?

Because you did not form bushes, thickened the planting, nothing is ventilated, that’s all!

In the second photo, the cucumbers seemed to have grown together from what could it be?

Now it’s straight and don’t know how to form them. There is a thick forest. From the central shoot in the axils of leaves there is a stepson, try to remove them. potassium.

Buy and spray Ovary - professionals advise against yellow ovaries)))

we regularly remove leaves. Stepson, only for a week I was gone and my daughter only watered. I have a suspicion that when it was hot in the afternoon 30 at night 18 she closed the greenhouse, and in the morning the condensate fell on the flowers and the bees did not pollinate them. Maybe such an option?

maybe because of the heat then. Feed. Sprinkle with zpin. And the greenhouse in such heat should be completely opened during the day, and leave the window at night.

what sort? This happens when varieties for open ground are planted in the greenhouse. Not pollinated, fell off. Everything!

a lot of bees flies sometimes it’s even scary to go in, as the hive is buzzing, and its greenhouse variety is all the same because of the heat

Well, once watering, feeding, variety - all is well, then probably .... I also fly a lot this year, but it grows a lot, so I conclude that it just can’t cope ...


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